Never forgotten: Sweet, touching messages for Master Rapper Francis M’s special day

Images via Pia Magalona and Maxine Magalona | Instagram
  • Family of  late “Master Rapper” remembered him on his 55th birthday
  • Francis Magalona’s wife and kids posted touching messages and throwback photos on social media
  • The late rap icon succumbed to an illness in 2009

The family of the late “Master Rapper” Francis Magalona remembered him on his 55th birthday; posting touching messages and throwback photos on social media.

Image via @fmam | Instagram

Uploading a photo of Francis while holding a slice of cake, his daughter Maxene wrote a short but sweet birthday note, “Enjoy life. Eat cake! Happy birthday, Pop!” She also added the hashtag #FrancisMForever.

His son Elmo posted a longer message, “Look up to the sky and tell me, what do you see. I see fifty-five stars formed to make tonight come alive, effortlessly staying alive, till they all have to go back home to get their well deserved rest.”

“Happy birthday, Papa! Your people, your energy, and your message are all still alive in our minds and hearts. Love from all of us down here looking up to you. That will never change,” Elmo added.

The iconic Pinoy rapper’s wife, Pia, also created a post; sharing that she and her husband almost share the same birthday.

“Today would’ve been your 55th birthday, and I’m turning 55 in two days, too. We had one of the best team-ups and although I miss you in the flesh, you’re just always in my heart. We spent a great many years together and raised eight beautiful children while on a roller coaster ride through life,” she expressed.

Some of Francis’ greatest hits are “Gotta Let ‘Cha Know”, “Cold Summer Nights”, “Mga Kababayan”, and “Kaleidoscope World”. The late rap icon returned to the Creator in 2009.

Image via Pia Magalona | Instagram

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