Philippines’ oldest person is now 122 years old: says eating vegetables and fresh honey is her secret

Photo courtesy of Hope Sipalay Jeter Canoy
  • Francisca Susano is the oldest living person in the Philippines and probably in the world at the age of 122 years old
  • Her secret to a long life is eating vegetables and fresh honey, which she is used to since she was a farmer
  • A politician’s kin helped this woman comply with all the requirements for her to be officially recognized by the Guinness World of Records

According to the Guinness Book of Records, the oldest living person in the world is a woman from Japan named Kane Tanaka, who is now 116 years old.  But the Philippines’ grandma from Negros has already beaten that record for a long time.  She is now 122 years old.

Image via @ Senior Generation| Facebook

Francisca Susano was born on September 11, 1897, at Karul-an Kabankalan, Negros Occidental.   She has been living through all of the presidents of the Philippines from Pres.  Emilio Aguinaldo to the current, Pres. Rodrigo Duterte.  She has a certification recognizing her as the oldest person in Negros. Occidental.  A senator’s kin helped her comply with all the necessary documents to Guinness Book of World Records to prove that she is indeed the oldest living person in the world.

Despite being a centenarian, this granny still sings and plays the harmonica.  Though she can still speak, she finds moving and standing quite difficult already.

Francisca married at a young age of 14 and bore 14 children; of which 8 are still living and one is 100 years old.  Her total grandchildren are 364; reaching to the fourth generation.

Her secret to a long life is eating vegetables that are fresh from the farm and are not treated with pesticides.  Francisca loves to eat “Laswa”, a famous vegetable dish made of ladyfingers, eggplant, and squash.  She doesn’t add oil and seasoning to her food. She is used to eating fresh vegetables since she was a farmer in her younger days.  Granny also loves to eat pure honey.

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Hopefully, Guinness World Records would recognize her as the oldest living person.  Her habit of being a vegetarian is proof that vegetables are great in preserving our health and preventing us from having diseases.

We hope to see you blowing more birthday candles, Granny!

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