Rica Peralejo airs grievance over PAL’s poor customer service on her ticket refund

Imae via @ricaperalejo | Instagram
  • Rica Peralejo brought to social media  her complaint on not receiving her ticket refund from PAL
  • She missed her father’s memorial due to a flight delay and decided not to travel anymore
  • PAL was able to respond to her Twitter post and has apologized for the delay in  the ticket refund

Aside from missing her late father’s memorial in the US due to a flight delay, actress Rica Peralejo did not receive her ticket refund from PAL.

Image via @ricaperalejo | Instagram

Rica posted this on Facebook on October 12: “Just want to update everyone that Philippine Airlines has not responded to me since their last email on September 4.”

She went on to continue that she has not yet received her full refund for her ticket for over a month now nor was any compensation given for their luggage which was not brought down from the plane when they were offloaded.

To give a  flashback, Rica and her family were aboard the plane last August 14 to attend her father’s memorial in the US.  But an hour and a half later, the plane was still on the ground due to technical issues which caused them to go back to their terminal.

Six and a half hours later, the flight pushed through but Rica decided not to leave anymore.  In the next six hours, she was at the ticketing office asking for a full refund.  They planned to go home instead to be able to rest from what had been a tiring day.  But adding to their misfortune was the news that their luggage had left for Los Angeles.  Those were not offloaded together with them.

With this, she needed to buy new clothes for two kids because most of their stuff were packed in those suitcases.

To sum up, Rica and her family were at the airport for 12 hours which proved to be too much for a mom carrying a two-month-old breastfed baby together with a 5-year-old son.

“Yup, you would be right to think that yesterday was just too long a day for the mother of a newborn. (I nursed just about everywhere and in just about every position; my body is so sore right now),” she posted on Instagram.

She also tweeted the same concern on Twitter and PAL has finally responded.

Image via @mrsboph | Twitter

The mom of two also highlighted that she doesn’t like posting these matters on social media but she had no choice.  She also expressed her disappointment on being noticed andnow being given a special treatment because she is a star.

“Pero paano kung normal lang ako na tao na walang masyadong followers on social media?” She qwondered, “Papansinin kaya nila yun? Hay.”

As of the moment, Rica has not updated her post if her refund has already been settled.

As a mom who tries to look at the positive side, she shared that there are things beyond our control and these are things we need to let go.

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