Megastar Sharon Cuneta gets emotional while singing ‘Mr. DJ’ with Regine Velasquez

Image capture via Divas Live PH | YouTube / Image via @reginevalcasid | Instagram
  • The “Iconic” concert of Regine and Sharon was held at the Araneta  Coliseum on October 18 and 19
  • Sharon Cuneta was moved to tears upon singing “Mr. DJ” which Regine described as the first song she ever memorized
  • Some netizens said she was overacting while others think she is just into her song so much and that maybe it brought a lot of memories

The Iconic concert was sold out on its first show, Friday night.  Megastar, Sharon Cuneta, and Asia’s Songbird, Regine Velasquez, received positive reviews on their first-ever duo concert.  A lot of memorable songs were included in their playlist, including Mr. DJ, which was Sharon’s first hit and one of the biggest songs in her name.

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Regine was the one who opened the song Mr. DJ and told the Megastar it was the first song she memorized.   While both were having a duet and as the audience chorused with them, Sharon became emotional and was moved to tears.  It was not clear though what made her so emotional, but the netizens gave their thoughts.

Many said the megastar was over-acting and gets teary-eyed so often even on interviews.  However, some defended her; saying she just felt her song so much. She may also be very grateful to her fans for her success.”

“Pag singer ka talaga at genuine ka habang kinakanta mo ‘yung kanta, mapapaiyak ka talaga.”

“When you are a SINGER and you are very grateful mapapaiyak ka po talaga. Plus Ms. Sharon is known to be really emotional and there is nothing wrong about it lalo na kung madaming memories ang bumabalik sa mga songs niya kaya mas dama niya. Kung wala ka masabing maganda, wala ka naman sa concert at higit sa lahat hindi ka fan – shut up ka na lang.”

“She is MEGAstar. Goodluck sa mga NEGA.”

Image via @ Sharon Cuneta | Facebook Page

Rey Valera wrote Mr. DJ at the suggestion of Tito Sotto, who was the vice president of Vicor Music at that time and is Sharon’s uncle.  She recorded the song in 1978 at the age of 12.  This song brought her to fame, turned her into a successful singer-actress, and thus was named “Megastar.”

“Iconic” is the first-ever duo concert of Sharon and Regine.  It was successfully held at the Araneta Coliseum for 2twodays.

Let us watch the touching Mr. DJ duet of both stars again.

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