The ‘manananggal’ plush toys of Naga trends this Halloween

Image courtesy of Marco Lopez
  • Two netizens popularized the ‘manananggal’ plush toys made by Karaw Craftventures
  • Karaw Craftventures make dolls that are inspired from mythical creatures of the Philippine folklore
  • This institution trains mothers and marginalized sectors in Naga and Camarines Sur to earn a living

It seems that our supposedly scary monsters are making their way to amuse us.

Image courtesy of Marco Lopez

In line with the upcoming Halloween season,  the manananggal plush toys of  Naga are back to popularity.  This was after two netizens, Marco Lopez and Ed Geronia, shared about it on Facebook.

Marco saw these mythical Filipino character-inspired toys at  Orgullo Kan Bikol Trade and Travel Fair.  He found the fangs exciting and so he immediately bought one for P500 which he thought was a bit expensive.  But the length of 12 inches plus the maker of the toy (Karaw Craftventures) justified his decision.

Other than having fangs, the doll is also interactive because it splits into two like the real one, plus, of course, it has wings!

Image courtesy of Marco Lopez

Karaw Craftventures first started as a college project in 2009 and later turned into a social enterprise.

The founder of Karaw, Paul Andrew Orpiada, shared, “We started the initiative because of the idea na we want to promote the Filipino culture, and that’s by introducing characters from the Filipino folklore into different merchandise.”  He added that the manananggal plush dolls are part of the Engkanture collection with over 12 designs inspired from Filipino folklore all over the country.

Other dolls in the collection are cyclops Bungisngis of the Tagalog region, Bicol’s moon goddess Haliya, and Daligmata, a monster that has many eyes that help search the lost things in the Visayas and Oryol,  a woman serpent which Marco also have.  They make doll versions of these mythical beings that look more interesting rather than scary.

Mothers from Naga and Camarines Sur are the ones trained by Karaw to hand made these items and sell it for them.  A part of the income is used to train more people in their communities.

Image capture via @Passionproj | Facebook Page

We learned that this enterprise has also taught female inmates of  Naga City jail to make dual-purpose plush toys (shown above) from the same characters.

Now, who wants one?

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