What made Alex Gonzaga try vlogging?

Image via Alex Gonzaga official Facebook page
  • Alex Gonzaga is one of the top YouTube artists  in the Philippines with more than 4 million subscribers
  • She sought the help of her friend and life coach Winnie Wong to set up her  YouTube channel
  • She started vlogging out of her fears of a failing career and that she needed a venue to express her innate entertaining personality to differentiate from her sister Toni

According to Social Blade which is a website that tracks social media statistics and analytics,  Alex Gonzaga ranks 12th on the row as per the highest number of YouTube subscribers in the Philippines.  But among stars, she is on top.  How did one young lady defy all her uncertainties and fears and become a most subscribed actress, host, model, and vlogger earning  $5.1-$81k a month on YouTube?

Image via @cathygonzaga | Instagram

Let’s have a little flashback.

Catherine “Cathy” Cruz Gonzaga first starred in an ABS-CBN sitcom “Let’s Go!” in 2006 where she finally adopted her role name “Alex” after 2 years.  She moved to TV5 where she became one of the hosts of “Juicy”.  She returned to ABS-CBN as a guest host for Pinoy Big Brother and succeeded that project with The Voice Kids, Banana Spilt, teleserye, movies, novel and a solo album.

But despite her increasing career hype and popularity, Alex felt that people perceived her as a copy-cat of Toni when, in reality, she was the one born funny, noisy and more bubbly than her sister.

“She had some issues because people would always perceive her as someone who is trying to be me, ” Toni Gonzaga opened up in a Cosmopolitan interview.  Alex would tell her ,”Ikaw, maingay ka sa TV pero tahimik ka sa personal. Ako, maingay ako on and off-cam pero ang tingin nila ginagaya kita.”

And when Toni was about to tie the knot with director Paul Soriano, she even felt more scared of her career dipping down without her sister.  She thinks she still has a lot more to offer and talents to share and that she just needed a chance for herself to shine.  That’s when vlogging came to her mind with the help of her friend who is also a life coach —  Winnie Wong of penelopepop.com.

Image via @cathygonzaga | Instagram

She uploaded her first video on July 31, 2017, entitled “Doing my Ate Toni’s Natural (Brownie) Makeup”  which became an instant hit at more than 2 million views.  Since then she has been continuously vlogging about her daily activities, travels, behind the scenes of her projects and some collaboration with other artists.  Her natural amusing personality led her to the spotlight and defined her unique identity.

To date, Alex has 4.5 M YouTube subscribers; a milestone only she has achieved as an actress.  She has finally found her secure spot as a celebrity influencer on social media.

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