‘2 years ago, God called you home’: Janica pens emotional message for late BF Franco

Images via Janica Nam | Facebook
  • Model Janica Nam wrote an emotional message for her late boyfriend, Hashtags member Franco Hernandez
  • It has been two years since she lost him but she remains deeply in love with him; her Facebook account still showing “In a relationship” status with the late celebrity
  • Janica’s open letter touched thousands of hearts on social media

Two years after losing the love of her life, model Janica Nam wrote an emotional message for her late boyfriend, Hashtags member Franco Hernandez.

Image via Janica Nam | Facebook

On Facebook, Janica posted a bittersweet message for her boyfriend’s “second birthday in heaven” on Monday, November 11; touching thousands of hearts online.

“I lost my heart exactly on this date when God called you home. It’s been over two years but it feels like just yesterday. I remember exactly how you looked like in that moment and it breaks my heart every time I see it. I remember the sound of my voice as I was screaming for help. I remember the times when I thought I heard you knock on the door and when I open it you’re not there,” she expressed.

“I remember the heaviness that came with the realization that you were truly gone forever and there‘s nothing I could do about it. I remember everything and I’ll never forget,” she continued. “Because of you I know how to love deeper, grow stronger, live happier, become a fighter, appreciate life.”

Janica admitted that every single day has been a struggle for her in the past two years — but she managed to keep going and to grow into a better woman because of him.

Image via Janica Nam | Facebook

“I believe I have your hand in directing my path step by step and I am blessed to know that. I hope I make you so proud every single day. Thank you for always being there my love. You have shown me so much love and so much more up until now. And to love or have been loved, that is enough,” she wrote.

Before ending her post, the model told her beloved, “It has been two meaningful years since the day God changed my life forever, but loving you will always be timeless.”

Image capture from Facebook