A street sweeper who sleeps on the street with his 7 dogs receives a transformation from a dog rescue group

Image via @ PAWSsion Project | Facebook
  • A street sweeper who earns only 100+pesos a day sleeps on the street of Gilmore with his seven dogs
  • He was discovered by Heart Evangelista who tapped PAWSsion Project for some help
  • Mang Jun’s love for dogs transformed his life and the dogs’ as well in one of the most memorable rescues this organization ever had

Some people have so little in life yet they have so much to give.

Image via @Malou Perez | Facebook

A man who sleeps on the street of Gilmore with his stray dogs caught the attention of  Heart Evangelista. The actress, a certified dog advocate,  informed the volunteers of PAWSsion  Project and suggested to bring the dogs to their shelter, including him.

The group came November 22 and considered it one of the most beautiful encounters of their lives. They  learned that he is Mang Jun, a street sweeper who earns only 100+ pesos a day but still manages to feed seven stray dogs living with him. Upon knowing the group’s plan, Mang Jun became the happiest homeless man that night. 

On November 23, help came immediately.   Pinnacle performance , a fitness gym, donated 5,000 pesos which was used to buy essentials for Mang Jun and his dogs. Tears of happiness poured as he receives sleeping essentials, dog food, dog collars & more which can surely give him the much needed comfort he hadn’t experienced for the longest time. 

Image via @PAWSsion Project | Facebook

He was brought to the shelter on November 24. Volunteers were not mistaken! Mang Jun’s love for dogs was so natural. Without being said, he volunteered to bathe the dogs. The furry animals also welcomed him like he was already part of the family even before.

His dogs received vet care on November 25 while he bonded with kids at a basketball court. In the evening they were treated to a delicious meal at his spot in Gilmore; probably one of his last days in what he considered his home.

Donations came pouring and it was able to build a hut for this homeless man. Mang Jun together with his dogs will be transferring to their new home this weekend. The volunteers just can’t wait to see his reaction. 

Image via @PAWSsion Project | Facebook

This story highlights how love begets love. 

Mang Jun, a homeless street sweeper who loves his dogs dearly, is now a volunteer at PAWSsion Project, where he can live comfortably and spread love even more.

Now, we’re looking forward to next pictures of him as he and his dogs move in to their new home. Kudos, PAWSsion Project people!