Abra policemen help woman who was harvesting rice grains alone

Image via @Pigidan Municipal Police Station | Facebook
  • Five policemen were patrolling in Pidigan, Abra when  they saw a woman harvesting in the fields alone
  • They brought their sickles  and  helped  the woman harvest her rice grains 
  • Netizens were all praises for the officers’ act of kindness

Who said policemen are focused only on providing peace and order in communities? Well, definitely not these officers from Abra.

Image via @Pidigan Municipal Police Station | Facebook

On Friday around 8 AM, 5 policemen headed by PCPT Facundo B Guinsad were patrolling in Pidigan when they saw a woman harvesting in the rice fields alone.  Immediately, the police captain and his men brought their sickles and helped the woman harvest the rice grains.

Their act of kindness is one way for them to bond with the residents.

These photos posted on the Pidigan Municipal Police Station Facebook page became an instant hit with  7.5K reactions and 1.1k share.  Netizens have the best words for the uniformed men who did not mind bending their bodies in the scorching heat of the sun.

“Snappy salute to these uniformed men who have gone beyond the bounds of their duties. Setting an example to many how to serve the community.  God bless!”

“Leadership at its best!”

Image via @Pidigan Municipal Police Station | Facebook

“Hopefully, all the other cops think so. but I’m so proud of you for feeling so helpful. Because you know how to help even though you know that fieldwork is not easy. Deserve to honor the cops who helped the farm. You know where I get the most out of you. It’s not that you’re embarrassed to wear your uniform while you’re on the field.   Good job.  I’m so proud also that I am from Pidigan.”

“Wohoo! Good deeds get great blessings! More power and thank you, po Sirs, in uniform! Mabuhay kayo! God bless you!”

Salute to all policemen.  Kudos for a great job!