Alice Dixson wants to have a baby: “We are in the process of surrogacy”

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  • Alice Dixson revealed that she has not given up in wanting to have a baby and will try for the last time via surrogacy
  • She opted for surrogacy due to her age, the safety of the child and wellness of the pregnancy
  • The actress is currently in a relationship for seven years already and plans to focus on having a baby first before going into marriage

A lot of female celebrities managed to still have a baby even past their peak chid-bearing years because having a little one and experiencing motherhood is something they want to embrace for themselves.  This does not exempt actress Alice Dixson who was previously quiet about her personal life but then openly admitted she is working on having a baby via surrogacy.

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Alice was interviewed by Karen Davila on ANC’s “Headstart” on Friday.   The 50-year-old actress agreed to share her personal life.

“Well, my personal journey is super personal, pero sige I will share  it. We are still in the process of surrogacy. My partner and I, oo. So I have not given up on that. I think this is our last year to try,” she revealed.

Karen asked why she’s opting for surrogacy rather than carry the baby herself and if that concerns the way she would look after bearing a child.

Alice replied, “Sa akin it was never about the way I would look after. It was about my age and my concern about the safety of the child, the wellness of the pregnancy.”

The actress admitted that they tried it previously but it didn’t work out so she and her partner agreed to try surrogacy.

Image via @Alice Dixson | Facebook

The actress has been with her partner for seven years. and marriage is not yet a priority as of now. “I think we are focusing dito muna kay baby.  And then if the need arises, who knows,” Alice further disclosed.

“Maybe that is also why you are glowing.  You are happy in your personal life,” Karen told her.

Alice shared that everyone has their ups and downs and mid-life struggles but she uses meditation to radiate positive energy and hopes to receive blessings in return.

The actress paired with Aga Muhlach in the movie “Nuuk.”  It was filmed in Greenland and had been out in theaters since November 6. So far, reviews have been shared, and yes, reading those you would be tempted to see the psychological thriller unfold before your eyes on the wide screen.

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