Grab your pandesal in seconds: Local bakery opens “Drive-thru” service

Image courtesy of Barbie Salvador-Muhlach via ABS CBN
  • An ABS CBN writer shared her experience in buying pandesal in one of the bakeries in Quezon City
  • Panaderia All Day Hot Pandesal serves 24/7  pandesal, and people crowd in the mornings due to high influx of  breakfast-eaters
  • Recently the bakery just introduced its “drive-thru” service which lets you pick a predetermined pandesal pack for faster transaction

Pandesal is a favorite food for some in the mornings.  You can eat it at home or even yet while on the go for work.  But our tight morning schedule will only allow little time to buy breakfast on the road.   Good thing this local bakery in Quezon City has found a simple solution that is definitely a come-on.

Image courtesy of Barbie Salvador-Muhlach via ABS CBN

An ABS CBN writer, Barbie Salvador-Muhlach, shared in her article an amazing discovery she had with a local bakery along Scout Tobias.  Panaderia All Day Hot Pandesal has been serving 24/7  pandesal for many years, and the love of its patrons even made a rival shut down.

She would describe the taste as not unique among others but gave a plus point for consistently serving their bread “hot.”  As she passes by this location every day, she would always observe people crowding in front; waiting for their turn.  However, just this week, on her visit to buy bread, she was surprised to see a “drive-thru” sign on display.

Bags of predetermined pandesal are placed on shelves for faster purchase.  Now you can grab P12.50 for 5 pieces, P25 for 10 pieces or P50 for 20 pieces pandesal pack of your choice.  Though people will still line up to pay, this simple innovation has definitely cut your waiting time.  One staff told her that they need to serve the customers quickly to avoid traffic.

Image courtesy of Barbie Salvador-Muhlach via ABS CBN

Such great news for pandesal lovers!  And all praises to the bakeshop for recognizing their customers’ needs.  We hope others will duplicate this move.

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