How to childproof your Christmas tree this holiday season

Image via @Parenting | Facebook
  • When you have kids and pets at home, setting up a Christmas tree is quite a challenge
  • The Parenting page on Facebook shared photos of different ways to  child- and pet-proof  your precious trees
  • Wrapping the whole tree in plastic is just some of the inexpensive solution from preventing your kids from damaging it

It is just a month to go before Christmas, and most homes have already put up their Christmas tree decorated with those colorful balls and shimmering lights and perhaps some gifts that are beginning to crowd down below.  But having kids or even pets in the house changes our lives, our Christmas trees included.

Image via @Parenting | Facebook

Those ever curious toddlers can create havoc on your precious trees or climb on them, which can lead to accidents which we don’t want to happen.  Of course, gluing our eyes all the time on those decors isn’t a good idea.  But don’t give up. You can childproof your trees with these ideas shared by the Parenting Facebook page.

Instead of the traditional upright position, why don’t you hang it on your ceiling upside down?  This makes it almost impossible (depending on your tree height) for your kids to reach it.  Besides, it doesn’t consume space on the ground.  So hang it up like a chandelier!

If your toddler doesn’t spend much time on her crib, you can put the Christmas tree there instead.  With this, in case your baby still reaches for the balls, they will all fall in the same place — the crib. It saves you time in looking for those balls.  Plus, your gifts are safely secured.

Putting a fence around your Christmas tree could be the easiest. Make sure to keep an eye on your kid still. He might climb or lean on the fence.

Image via @Parenting | Facebook

If you have a bigger budget, you can install a big crate and put your tree inside, the same way we keep our misbehaving cats and dogs. Make sure you put a lock on it cause smart kids still might sneak in. Lol

But for a laminated, windproof look, wrapping your tree with clear plastic will save your day. Your kids can still come near it, touch it, but they won’t be able to pick up anything.  However, this “suffocated” look isn’t tumble proof.

There isn’t a perfect child and pet-proof Christmas tree. It all depends on your taste, style, and budget. But at least there are solutions to keep that yuletide spirit still high, right?.

What’s yours?  Please don’t forget to comment your photos below.

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