Keanu Reeves’s ‘girlfriend’ Alexandra Grant is one extraordinary woman

Image via @grantalexandra | Instagram
  • Keanu Reeves made his appearance with Alexandra Grant as they held hands during a red carpet event
  • They first met in 2009 but had the chance to work closely together in 2018 when she made illustrations and drawings on Keanu’s book “Ode to Happiness”
  • Alexandra Grant is a visual artist, a book collaborator, officiating minister, and a philanthropist 

Sorry, ladies, Keanu is finally taken!

Keanu’s love life has been out of the spotlight for years.  After losing his baby and girlfriend,  the actor has temporarily parked his aching heart.  So this Saturday’s event at the 2019 LACMA Art + Film Gala in Los Angeles had a surprise for everyone; seeing the “Speed” actor who brought along somebody whom he held hands with tenderly.  Could she be that special someone – Keanu’s girlfriend, Alexandra Grant?

Image via @grantalexandra | Instagram

Like many, perhaps you’ve been thinking, too.  Who is Alexandra Grant? Well, here are four facts worth knowing.

Alexandria is a visual artist whom Keanu collaborated with since 2011.  In a story by the New York Times,  the actor released the book “Ode to Happiness”  where Alexandra created illustrations and drawings for the story.  In 2016, they were back together for the book “The Shadows.”   A year after, they co-created X Artists’ Books, a small publishing house featuring artist-centered books.  Recent releases include The Artists’ Prison, The Words of Others, and Oracular Transmissions.

Her artworks aren’t just being displayed in multiple galleries in her hometown in LA  and even across New York but have landed in museums in other parts of the world in Paris, Canada, and Texas.

She is a certified Universal Life Minister which gives her the power to officiate weddings.  A little over three months ago, she officiated her friend’s wedding.

The 46-year-old artist is also a philanthropist.  She founded grantLOVE Project, which supports many arts non-profits in Los Angeles and beyond.  Merchandise sales support arts-based non-profits like Heart of Los Angeles, Project Angel Food, Art of Elysium, 18th Street Arts Center, and LAXART.

Image via @grantalexandra | Instagram

They first met in 2009 and were earlier seen together at Saint Laurent Men’s spring-summer 2020 runway show in Malibu holding hands.

Keanu, now 55 years old, may haven’t yet formally confirmed their relationship, nor is Alexandra’s Instagram giving a hint of them being romantically linked.  But  the actor has endured so much pain already, so maybe it’s time for him to give love another  chance and find real happiness with someone special.