Lucky cat regularly visits store for a meal, store owners receive praises for being kind

IMage via @ Angel Rojo and Doc Ike Produkto II| Facebook
  • A cat filling itself with cat food being sold in a store caught netizens’ attention on Bach and Friends Facebook page
  • The store CAVSS Agricultural & Agrivet Trading leaves stray animals to feast on their stocks 
  • Netizens complimented the store for being generous to hungry  animals

Opened containers of dog and cat food for sale are like a sumptuous buffet meal for the hungry stray animals.  But would you mind letting them take a munch?

Image via @ Angel Roco | Bach and Friends Facebook

A photo of an animal food shop drew praises from netizens cause it leaves stray cats to eat cat food all they want.  As seen on Bach and Friends Facebook page, a puspin (pusang Pinoy) climbed on top of an opened cat food sack and enjoyed its meal.   And it knew what brand to choose!  Given that it can eat for free, it preferred Whiskas, an international brand that costs P150/kilo.  Such a clever cat!

This calico cat was once locked in the owner’s warehouse, and when they opened the door, it went out with a very full stomach.  Good thing it knew how not to make a mess in the stock room.

A calico cat has a coat that is typically 25% to 75% white with large orange and black patches. Often, this domestic cat is female.

In the comments section, it was revealed that the shop’s name is CAVSS Agricultural & Agrivet Trading in Libertad, Bacolod City.  Netizens expressed their compliments on the store owners.

Image via @Doc Ike Produkto II | Facebook

“Mabuti naman kahit papaano may mga mabait pang tao sa mga hayop katulad ng owner ng store na iyan,  God bless po.”

“Ahaha binge, all you can kitty! Thank you, and salute to the store owner!”

Moreover, in the comments section, many people shared that other shop owners are also generous enough to leave stray animals feast on their stocks.  Kudos to all these owners for having a generous heart.  Cats don’t eat that much anyway, plus it will keep your place mouse-free.