Man buys 18 cups of caffe latte to get Starbucks planner for GF; gives coffee to every GrabFood rider he sees

Image via Meg Palanca | Facebook
  • A loving boyfriend has a very special suprise for his girlfriend 
  • Celebrating their second monthsary, Robert Quenery bought 18 cups of latte to get a Starbucks planner for his girlfriend Meg Palanca 
  • And to make her even happier, he distributed the cups of coffee to grabfood drivers

How far would you go to make the person you love happy? Well, a loving boyfriend bought 18 cups of latte to get a Starbucks planner for his girlfriend and looked for 18 GrabFood riders to give them a free cup of coffee each.

Image capture from Facebook

On Facebook, Meg Palanca shared her boyfriend Robert Quenery’s recent monthsary surprise; expressing how happy she is not only because of the sweet surprise, but also because of his good deed.

“‘Yong boyfriend kong bumili ng 18 cups of caffe latte sa Starbucks para lang makuhanan ako ng planner. But what makes me more kilig? Pinamigay niya ‘yong drinks sa GrabFood drivers. Super priceless ng mga ngiti nila! ” she wrote; adding that she cried while watching the video of him while distributing the cups of coffee to GrabFood riders.

[My boyfriend bought 18 cups of caffe latte from Starbucks so he could get a planner for me. But what made me more excited? He gave the drinks to GrabFood drivers. Their smiles were really priceless!]

“Haaay, Robert John, you never fail to amaze me. Thank you for sharing your blessings to other people,” she told her boyfriend. “Hindi lang ako ang pinasaya mo. Happy second monthsary! I love you so much.”

Screenshot via Meg Palanca | Facebook

Thousands of social media users were moved by such a beautiful surprise. As of the article’s posting, Meg’s Facebook post has gotten more than 12,000 shares and over 17,000 reactions.

“Meg has a soft-spot for GrabFood riders ever since the cancelled orders and no-show incidents got worse. Plus, the struggle and risks they go through just to get our food delivered in the comfort of our home. She always reminds me to give a decent amount of tip every time I order from GrabFood,” Robert shared.

With this, he thought of giving free coffee to GrabFood drivers.

“I drove around looking for GrabFood riders and gave each of them a cup of coffee for free to keep them awake and alert during their deliveries,” he said.

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