Man’s simple proposal to GF at KFC turns into a ‘magical’ outpouring of pledges from strangers for their wedding

Image via @KFC South Africa | Twitter
  • Bhut’ Hector  proposed to his girlfriend, Nonhlanhla, at a KFC branch in South Africa
  • Kateka Malobola saw the event, filmed  and posted it on social media and minutes later, South Africa was talking about the proposal
  • The couple are so lucky as pledges like hotel accommodation, food, dress, transportation, and other services poured for their wedding.  

Love makes the world go round. And sometimes, it even brings strangers together towards a humble goal.

Click the Image to watch the video via @KFC South Africa | Twitter

Twitter went into frenzy Friday as a marriage proposal spotted at KFC went viral after it was posted. It all started when a certain Kateka Malobola happened to pass by the fast food branch and saw an African guy kneeling in a proposal to his soon-to-be wife.

“I took the video and sent it to a group that I’ve got on my WhatsApp to say ‘check this out!’ and I put it on Facebook and put it on Instagram, and then boom!” he explained in a video on Twitter.

Soon after, the video reached KFC South Africa, and the restaurant posted on Twitter; asking for help to search for the couple.

“Mzansi, please help us find this beautiful couple, re batla ho ba blesser  DM us any leads, there might be a Finger-Lickin’ Good surprise in it for you too. Batho ba Vaal re thuseng! We love, love #KFCProposal.”

Moments later, KFC South Africa posted, “South Africa, you guys are amazing! We’ve found the beautiful couple, and it looks like we’re having a #StreetwiseWedding y’all.  We’re meeting Bhut’ Hector and his lovely bride Nonhlanhla we’ll keep you posted. #KFCProposal.”

However, somebody with handle @butterfly_Anele on Twitter had a different take. She tweeted, “SA men are so broke they even propose at KFC…They have absolutely no class, I mean who proposes at KFC. #KFCProposal.”

Apparently, the Twitter community didn’t let that eyebrow-lifting tweet pass. Many netizens expressed disappointment over her judgmental message. Though @butterfly _Anele has apologized, forgiveness – it seems – does not come easy.   Her Twitter account has been set to private.

Meanwhile, the incident gained even more excitement and support  for the couple as people started offering help for their wedding. Some pledged for their hotel accommodation, food, transportation, services, cash, and the list goes on! Such a lucky couple!

“I pledge to coordinate 50 Waiters and Waitresses, 10 Barman and 4 Mixologist to serve at the #KFCWedding #KFCProposal for the couple that made me fall in love with love again. DM me!”

“We pledge wedding dresses of her choice from Marithi’s Collection #KFCProposal @Powerfm987.”

Image via @canga8876 | Twitter

Others who could not give anything said they will be offering their prayers instead. Meanwhile, somebody took the time to record all pledges, and so far the pouring of support from all over South Africa has been so overwhelming.

Bhut’ Hector and Nonhlanhla revealed in an article at Sowetan Live that they were already married in 2012, but  Hector was not satisfied with the rings he bought, so he wanted to surprise his wife with a new one.

In the end, the video owner, who did not expect his clip would go viral, urged people on Twitter not to spread hate, especially those that are heartbroken.  “Let the couple have their own journey,” he added.

Many South Africans saw this event as a testimony that they can all unite for a common cause.

Best wishes to the lucky couple!

Let’s all watch the proposal video here.