Michael V confirms Yorme’s cameo role in Bubble Gang’s 24th anniversary special “The ScAvengers”

Image via @ Isko Moreno Dumagoso and Bubble Gang | Facebook
  • Michael V has  confirmed that Mayor Isko Moreno will show off his acting skills again in a minor role as himself in Bubble Gang’s 24th anniversary special
  • The anniversary treat for their viewers is a two-part telemovie entitled  “The ScAvengers,” a parody of  “The Avengers”
  • The story is about a group of  homeless people who scavenge for a living and find scraps from outer space which later help them to become superheroes

Hang on everyone.  Here is something to look forward to as the beloved  Manila mayor is set to have a minor role in the 24th anniversary special of the longest-running and multi-awarded television comedy show in the Philippines, Bubble Gang.

Image via @Isko Moreno Domagoso | Facebook

“Si Mayor Isko may cameo siya as Mayor Isko. As ‘Yorme,’”  Michael V.  confirmed at a press conference on Monday.  Though he did not disclose further details about the actor-turned politician’s role; knowing the former actor enters the television scene again makes it worth anticipating.

The  GMA-7 comedy gag show, which has turned 24 years old in October, is set to show a two-part telemovie,  “The ScAvengers,” a parody of the famous Marvel film  ” The Avengers.”  The story is about a group of homeless people who scavenge for a living and finding extraordinary scraps from outer space.  Unknowingly, these scraps possess superpowers that will turn them into superheroes; thus, they are called “the scavengers.”

“Medyo baliw at ambisyosong project ito. Sa totoo lang, laro lang ‘yung gusto namin and yet gusto namin ipakita na kahit naglalaro ‘yung quality hindi mawawala. So this time around, it’s visual treat na talagang sa teaser pa lang gugulatin namin kayo.”  He added,  “We have new audience every single day and episode. It’s our duty and also our pleasure to create something for these new audiences, sa mga bagong sumusuporta at sumusubaybay. At the same time, we are maintaining yung mga suki na namin,”

Image via @GMA Entertainment website

Bitoy will be playing the main villain “Allan Peter Kuya Thanos,” together with  Antonio Aquitania as “Thorpe,” Paolo Contis as “Plantsa Man,” Kim Domingo as “Black Panty,” Chariz Solomon as “Gumorah,” and many more.”

“Spiderman” actor  Jacob Batalon also stars in the project as “Need.” The two-part telemovie will air on November 115 and 22.

Watch the teaser of The Scavengers here.

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