Nadine Lustre’s other side revealed in a viral prank

Image capture via @Donna Lynn Bartolome | YouTube
  • Donnalyn’s vlog with Nadine Lustre revealed a different side of  the actress
  • Donna asked her if she could lend her underwear cause she forgot to bring an extra
  • Nadine agreed; saying she will not get her underwear back though

Would a Nadine Lustre share her personal belongings when asked?

Image capture via @Donna Lynn Bartolome | YouTube

This has been the topic of the latest prank thrown at her by her close friend and fellow Viva artist Donnalyn Bartolome during their trip to Jakarta, Indonesia, for work.  The video has become viral, with at 2.1 million views as of posting.

Her requested YouTube vlog featured a part of Nadine’s meet and greet event where she received a birthday surprise from fans, and some candid moments while they were having a meal together.

The prank part started when both ladies were in the hotel room with an accomplice.  Nadine was talking about a cartoon figure designed to look like her when suddenly..

“Nads, puwedeng pahiram ng panty? Naubusan ako ng panty,” Donnalyn said.

“Paano, isa lang ba ‘yung binaon mo?” Nadine looked puzzled yet amused.

Donnalynn insisted; saying she lent the actress her charger.  Nadine was all smiles, yet looking suspicious. But yes, she readily agreed to lend an underwear.

“Hindi na hiram ‘yun! Ibibigay ko na sa ‘yo ‘yun!” Nadine said. The accomplice and Donna Lynn burst into laughter.  Nadine disclosed she was often the wardrobe savior of her friends since she carries a lot of extra.

Image capture via @Donna Lynn Bartolome | YouTube


The video has more than 3,000 comments, with netizens mostly talking about Nadine’s natural personality of being generous to her friends.

“This is the side of NADINE I want to see more of!!! Love this video!”

“More of this pleaseeee!! Nadine is very kind and kalog; that’s why everyone loves her. I love you so much, Nadine!!!  You’re such a pretty person. Uggghh my hearttttt melting every time she smile thank you Donna for this video.”

Here’s the video.  Check it out.

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