Syrian wanderer buys sacks of rice from 71-year-old farmer, his second donation for Mindanao quake victims

Image [email protected] Hungry Syrian Wanderer | Facebook
  • “The Hungry Syrian Wanderer”  drove northward to buy sacks of rice from a local farmer in Pampanga to donate to quake victims in Cotabato
  • He shared that in the process he discovered Rice Pinas which is a group of volunteers who help local farmers sell their products quickly online and on the ground
  • Basel stressed that he does not get paid or receive any commission for his charity works but uses this platform to help those who are in need

After buying 1,000 pieces of blankets and tents in Caloocan a couple of days ago, the Syrian wanderer, Basel Manadil, just can’t stop reaching out to Filipinos.

Image via The Hungry Syrian Wanderer | Facebook

On his previous vlog, the Syrian wanderer told his followers that he is searching where to buy rice for his donation to the quake victims in Cotabato.  And finally, he was able to buy in Floridablanca, Pampanga.  He narrated in his vlog that he drove 3 hours north just to reach the destination.  There he met a 71-year-old farmer.

“Pinakyaw ko na ang lahat ng panindang bigas ni Tatay. Mga tunay na BAYANI! Kung wala sila, wala tayong pagkain sa mesa. Saludo po ako sa mga local farmers,” he said in his post.

Basel is urging everyone to support local farmers.  He added that there is a group of volunteers who help farmers from the provinces to bring their stocks in Metro Manila.  With this, the income goes directly to the farmers; yes, minus the middleman.

He shared that he discovered “Rice Pinas” while searching for farmers to buy rice.

Rice Pinas is a group of volunteers who help farmers by giving them opportunities and connections for them to sell their products at fair prices both online and in the market.

The Syrian emphasized that he is not paid nor does he get a commission in his charity works.

Image via The Hungry Syrian Wanderer | Facebook

“Ako po ang nag reach out sa kanila para tulungan sila at sa ganitong paraan makakatulong ako sa mga local farmers natin. I decided to be one of their volunteers and this is my contribution to our local farmers whom I have my biggest respect in all aspect.”

This young man who is a Filipino by heart and by choice continues to gain the hearts of his followers on his page.

“You are so generous and kind sir Basel. Thank you for helping Mindanao, especially the affected area.  May God blessed you always.”

“Thank you, Basel, for choosing to stay in our country. We are blessed; we welcome you with gratitude. My prayers to you is to stay humble, spread the love & blessings to the needy. You are one in a million with a good heart. We love you.”

We really have so much to thank him for.  We wish you more power in your endeavors in the Philippines, Basel. Keep it up!