Syrian Wanderer who is a Filipino by heart creates donation drive for Cotabato quake victims

Image via @The Hungry Syrian Wanderer | Facebook
  • Basel Manadil is a Syrian national displaced in the Philippines at the young age of 18 due to conflicts in his country
  • The foreigner who is also a blogger of  “The Hungry Syrian Wanderer” bought blankets and tarpaulins in Caloocan to help quake victims in Mindanao
  • Even if he is a Syrian, he considers himself a Filipino by choice and heart

Filipinos have been united lately in efforts to provide the needs of Cotabato quake victims.  But one foreigner who has the heart of a Filipino went out of his way to create his donation drive.

Image via @ The Hungry Syrian Wanderer | Facebook

Basel Manadil, a blogger who owns “The Hungry Syrian Wanderer,”  went to Caloocan to buy blankets and tarpaulins to be donated in Mindanao.

The Syrian began his Facebook post by saying, “Lind0l ka lang, Filipino kami.”

“Pinakyaw ko lahat ng panindang BLANKET AT TRAPAL dito sa Caloocan kahit sobra layo ng drive ko makamura lang dahil daang daang pamilya ang nais kong abutan ng tulong sa North Cotabato Mindanao  pero yeyemenin style ang mga blanket dito parehas sa Mall na double presyo .” he narrated.

Basel was happy to help the vendors earn and excited to send those donations sealed with his TLC.  He wasn’t able to share his thoughts about the unfortunate event lately cause he was busy. “But action speaks louder than words and just sharing photos,” he justified.

He pleaded for more donations of rice, food, water, medicine and tents to be dropped in his restaurant in Las Piñas or cash assistance hrough the bank.

Image via @The Hungry Syrian Wanderer | Facebook

He urged everyone not to wait for good things to happen. “If you go out and make some good things to happen, you will fill the world with hope, you will feel yourself with hope,” he quoted.

“If I can do it, you can too, ” he encouraged readers.

Basel came from Homs, Syria. Born to an engineer father and a teacher mother,  he lived a normal life together with his two siblings until conflict broke in Syria, which devastated their home.  Their family got separated, and he opted to move to the Philippines, where some of his friends already lived.  He was only 18 years old then. He finished his studies and tried to look for a job but was rejected all the time for reasons he was not sure.

One day, while sitting alone feeling down, he heard a cry of a kitten.  Despite his phobia of cats, he rescued the helpless animal and it became his companion since then.  Basel documented his travels and interacted with Filipinos spreading the culture and positivity in this beautiful country.

It has been six years since he first stepped in the Philippines, and he now considers himself a Filipino by heart and choice but still a proud Syrian.

Image via @The Hungry Syrian Wanderer | Facebook

Thank you for your selfless love, Basel. May God bless you all the way!

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