Catriona Gray now a Kapamilya: joins pool of celebrity authors

Image via @Catriona Gray | Facebook and Wikipedia
  • Miss Catriona Gray just added a new chapter in her life
  • The Miss Universe 2018 signed a contract with ABS-CBN’s  publishing Arm last Thursday
  • Her book “Conquering Your Universe” will be published in 2020 by ABS-CBN Books

Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray becomes an author.  A promising writing career waits ahead of her as she signed a contract with ABS-CBN’s  publishing arm last Thursday.

Image via @Catriona Gray | Facebook

Gray’s authored book “Conquering Your Universe” is set to be launched by ABS-CBN Books in 2020.

She shared, “It’s a collection of lessons that I’ve learned in the past couple of years that I feel really allowed me to achieve what I did — things that I learned from a personal perspective, things that I learned in regards to dealing with others, and also about giving back.”

She revealed her book will not all be about her life as a beauty queen.

“I want it to be relatable. It’s not about just pageantry. These lessons can be applicable to anyone from whatever walk of life. I just want it to be something that would [have] a positive impact.”

On her Instagram account, Gray shared with her fans, “It’s about conquering yourself, conquering others and conquering for a purpose to conquer your dreams.”

She described that in the book she is like an older sister teaching her younger self all the lessons and experiences she had and made her into the person she is today.

Image via @Catriona Gray | Facebook

Writing has already been a part of her.  She said she has lived with books and turns to writing to process what she is feeling. The queen also sings, and of course, a hopeful music career is part of her future endeavors.

Aside from Gray, Miss Universe 2015, Pia Wurtzbach earlier joined the group of celebrity authors in ABS-CBN.  Her fictional book is about a girl who joins a beauty pageant infused with her experiences and stories from other girls like her.