Forget those lavish post wedding photography sessions: Couple prefers to dip in the mud

Image via @Binu Seens Photography | Facebook
  • Weddings have become lavish over the years but a couple prefer to keep it simple
  • Jose and Anisha  prefer to bathe in the mud for their post-wedding photography session
  • Netizens can’t keep it to themselves what they had to say

Over the years, wedding events have become magical. The used-to-be  beautiful yet a straightforward celebrations have now been replaced with impressive set-up and stage lighting, fantasy bridal gowns, expensive documentation, and a program that delivers a more pageantry appeal rather than an intimate celebration of love. 

Image via Pixabay

Of course, antecedent to an extraordinary wedding would mean an expensive engagement sho0t. Others would spend more than a hundred thousand pesos or even millions on hiring the best photographers and videographers of their choice, a well known or seasoned fashion designer and picture-perfect locations that sometimes need to be out of the country. 

However, one Indian couple chose to be different.  Instead of a pre-wedding photo shoot, they preferred to have a simple post-wedding session after they tied the knot.   Adding to its uniqueness is the location and concept not most of us would have in mind —– at the rice fields, bathed in the mud. 

The photos shared by the Third Eye Facebook page were original works of Binu Seens Photography.  In his photo album named “Mud Love” taken in Kerala, India, Jose and Anisha passionately posed as they sat and rolled in the mud.  No fashionable clothes, glamourous makeup and any footwear needed.  And obviously, they enjoyed the moment too.

Image via @Binu Seens Photography | Facebook

Various views were expressed in the comment section.  Surprisingly, some liked it because of its great concept, uniqueness and powerful creativity but others would disagree.  Some were more concerned about their safety from leeches while a few would want to give it a try.

” I think it’s a sneak peek. A clue that marriage is going to be a whole lot of mud.” Lol. What a very deep observation.  

Image via @Binu Seens Photography | Facebook

His album went viral, though.  1.4K reactions, 418 comments and 383 shares surely made the netizens talking.  In the end, what’s more important is that they had fun and how they win the gamble in this thing called love.

How would you rate this postnup session?  Would you dare to do the same?  Let us know what’s on your mind.