Heart Evangelista, PAWSsion Project grant a street sweeper’s wish to have a place where he can be with his dogs

Image via @Malou Perez | Facebook
  • The street sweeper whom Heart Evangelista discovered living on the street with his dogs finally had a glimpse of his new home
  • His story moved PAWSsion project and the actress, thus motivating them to transform his life  because of his pure heart
  • Mang Jun is now an employee of PAWSsion project, happy and satisfied, taking care of the shelter’s rescues

In a previous story about Mang Jun, Heart Evangelista and PAWSsion Project promised to give him a decent home in their shelter.  Over the weekend, the homeless man received the best gift he has ever received  in his life.

Image via @Malou Perez | Facebook

On December 1,  Mang Jun was finally welcomed to his new home.  The dog rescue group posted on Instagram, “Today was totally a happy, emotional, heartwarming and life-changing day as we officially welcomed Kuya Jun and his dogs to the shelter. HOMELESS NO MORE!”

Heart Evangelista led the surprise for Mang Jun.  And the former street sweeper-turned-shelter worker cried as he saw his new abode; a simple hut that can give him the comfort he needs.  At last, he won’t be lying on the cold floor anymore!

The dog rescue group added, “He had the simplest wishes, just a place where he can be with his dogs, and clothes he can use to go to church.” Such a very humble request from a kindhearted man.

Aside from his home, model Kit Barraquias also gifted him with a “pangkabuhayan showcase.”

Image via @Malou Perez | Facebook

Mang Jun is a street sweeper who sleeps in the street of Gilmore together with his 7 dogs. He shares his P100+ pesos allowance per day to his pets, which he considers his companions.  He was discovered by Heart Evangelista, a certified dog advocate who then tapped PAWSsion Project for the help.  As updates of him were posted on the group’s page, donations poured and enabled them to build a house for the man.

Now, Mang Jun and his seven dogs are in the shelter’s care, all happy and safe from the cold night and impoverished life.  In exchange, this man’s love for dogs will truly be PAWSsion Project’s valuable asset.