Heartwarming! Before Lola Rose became a fast food chain service crew, a young man helped process her application

Image via @Clark Ketih Enriquez | Facebook
  • Before Lola Rose, a 92-year-old service crew, rose to fame Clark Keith Enriquez met her and shared their encounter on Facebook
  • He helped her finish her errands around Manila City Hall including her application  as a service crew
  • The grandmother was emotional to have met a good Samaritan like him

The internet rocked with the latest news of a 92-year-old grandma who is a fast food chain’s latest addition to their senior citizen service crew. 

Image via @Clark Keith Enriquez | Facebook

However, long before she was hired, a netizen,  Clark Keith Enriquez, met her and shared her story on Facebook.

It was 10AM on October 15 when he met her on a jeepney ride.  From their conversation, he learned that she has lost her husband a year ago and is living with her two grandchildren ages 11 and 13 years old.  She is away from her children who are currently residing in the province of Marinduque.

Apparently, Clark suggested for her to stay in a home for the aged but she refused.  She said she wouldn’t last there since she wants to be busy all the time. She earns a living by making wallets, pencil cases, necklaces, bracelets and bags from beads.  

He assisted her at the Manila City hall where she will process her Guarantee Letter for her medical needs.  While on the line she became emotional. She couldn’t believe that there are still good Samaritans these days and he is one of them. 

They went to the PESO office to process her application as a service crew of a fast food chain.  The office staff was amazed that a 92-year-old is still willing to work. 

Clark didn’t just assist her for her errands but also for her food.  He even wanted to give her money but she refused. “Sapat na ang naitulong mo sa akin, Apo. Lahat ng maliliit na bagay, pag pinagsama sama mo ‘yun, magiging malaking bagay na ‘yun,” she reportedly told him.

Image via @Clark Keith Enriquez | Facebook

He then reflected that he was proud of himself that day for helping a stranger who considered him as her “apo”.  He remembered her ate when the latter was alive.  A lolo whom he has just met somewhere also helped her with her medical needs.  He thinks of it as returning the favor through other people. Paying it forward, as the saying goes.

He ended his post with a message.”Para sa mga anak, mahalin n‘yo ang magulang n’yo habang nandyan pa sila sa tabi n’yo… Kelan ninyo ipapakita na mahal n’yo magulang o myembro ng pamilya mo, pag wala na sila?”

We couldn’t agree with him more.