Hilarious photos of pets vaccination day captured

Image courtesy of El Deber via @Fefo Reis | Facebook
  • Pet animals need to be vaccinated to keep them away from diseases
  • But not every pet is excited about his doggy visit
  • See hilarious photos of pet reactions that will surely make your day

Like humans, our pet animals also need vaccinations.  This can prevent them from getting ill.  And if you have a pet who regularly visits the animal doctor for their annual vaccination, you surely can relate to what we will be talking about.

Image courtesy of El Deber via @Fefo Reis | Facebook

Like us, not every pet is happy during vaccination day. It may feel like a bearable pinch on the skin at first (as if we have experienced lol) but repeated visits to the veterinarian can make them remember details of their experience.  On their next schedule, just the clinic scent lingering outside the door can make them nervous. And there the drama begins.

Pulling of the leash, whining, a lot of convincing and even bribing happens in the four corners of the room.  The sight of the needle as the doctor prepares the sh0t can give them the adrenalin rush and make them find ways to escape immediately.  Though we are sorry for our dear pets bu tit  is a must for their own sake as well as ours.

Image courtesy of El Deber via @Fefo Reis | Facebook

Capturing the drama will surely give you some hilarious photos of how some pets react during vaccination.

Well, PAWSsion project shared a link on Facebook which shows funny and cute snapshots of dogs and cats in their vaccination day.  Dogs, tend to forget how strong and snappy they should be. Eyes grow big as one sees the vaccine being prepared. Some need to turn away and be locked between two legs while they bark  for help.

Oh and the cats! These felines who have a dominant and laid back personality are not exempted. One tried to climb on a tree while a dog witnessed him at the weakest point of his life. Lol. Fortunately, for doctors, it gave them easier access to perform their job.

Image courtesy of El Deber via @Fefo Reis | Facebook

One netizen think theirs are worse than those photos, while another wished there could be more photos to see.

Do you have photos you are willing to share with us?  Please post them below.

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