Justin Bieber levels up his Christian faith by sharing guided prayers on Instagram

Image via @Justin Bieber | Instagram
  • Justin Bieber continues to show others his faith by sharing guided prayers on Instagram
  • His good friend Judah Smith is the voice behind these videos
  • The three guided prayers were played at least a million times each reflecting how fans appreciated his new habit

Justin Bieber, now a loyal family man, seemed to have leveled up his faith.  Aside from being a member of Hillsong, an Australian megachurch, the singer has started sharing prayer guides with his 122 million Instagram followers

Justin Bieber and Pastor Judah Smith | Image via @Justin Bieber | Instagram

His good friend, Judah Smith, who co-pastors Churchome in Seattle with his wife, is the voice behind the prayer guides.

“Good morning, here is a guided prayer to start your day.  Find a comfy position and enjoy,” Justin introed the videos via a caption.  The prayer guides will start off with a scripture reading and Judah shares some inspirational thoughts and would ask questions to the listeners.  

Justin’s fans appreciated these prayers guide.  One fan commented,” I needed this so much this felt so good thank you!”  Another said, “Thank you for sharing!! This got me to stop scrolling through all the social media and give 5 minutes to the Lord.”

On Wednesday,  his post talks about anti-racism telling people to be conscious of their words and that before God everyone is equal.

“Racism is still very prevalent and I want to use my voice to remind we are all human beings and all of EQUAL VALUE BEFORE GOD!”   

Each of the guided prayers has at least 1 million views.  

Image via @Justin Bieber | Instagrameber

Justin Bieber used to be controversial over his unruly behavior that even made his career suffer.  However, in 2014, at the lowest point of his life, the singer was convinced by Carl Lentz, pastor of the international Hillsong megachurch that Jesus is the only way.  The popstar requested to be baptized and that started to change his life.

Justin had been married to Hailey Baldwin, an  American model and television personality,  since September 2018.