Ogie Alcasid is Regine’s makeup artist in her latest ‘vlang’ “My Husband Does My Makeup”

Image capture of video by Regine Velasquez via Regine Velasquez | YouTube
  • Regine Velasquez entertained viewers in her latest vlang “My Husband Does My Makeup”
  • Her husband, Ogie Alcasid “artistically” prepped her face and the outcome made the Songbird laugh so hard
  • Viewers expressed in the comments section how they adore the husband-wife tandem

Have you tried letting your partner do your makeup?  It has been a faddish challenge on YouTube, and no other than Asia’s Songbird and singer-composer Ogie Alcasid was up for the game after fans requested it.

Image capture of video by Regine Velasquez via Regine Velasquez | YouTube

In a recent hilarious vlang by Regine Velasquez, she invited her husband to do her makeup.  Ogie Alcasid willingly performed her request, even acting like those third gender men doing makeup in salons.   Using BYS, the brand she endorses, Regine initially wanted a “no-makeup makeup” but was later changed to a smokey eye for a concert look. The singer also answered fan questions at the same time.

“Mayroon pa ba kayong gustong makatrabaho na hindi ninyo pa nakatrabaho? Meron pa po ba?’ a fan asked.

Regine said, “Madami pa. Now that I am in ABS, parang and daming possibilities na puwede ko maging ka-collab.”  She added that she was thankful to have worked with the Megastar, Sharon Cuneta, but did not reveal who she will be working with in the future. “Surprise!”

In one of the questions, she revealed her voice care regimen includes drinking ginger tea or salabat, but the spice needs to be filtered since it is fibrous.  The fiber is an irritant to the throat.

Image capture of video by Regine Velasquez via Regine Velasquez | YouTube

17 minutes later, her makeup was done.  The singer was giggling uncontrollably; looking at herself in the mirror.  She pointed to her eyebrows painted with a black eyebrow pen and had an exaggerated winged tail on the side.  Her false eyelashes that were initially glued wrongly had so much adhesive making her eyelids stick together, almost shutting down her eyes.  Lol.

The Songbird is an expert makeup artist to herself.  Even in her biggest concerts, she does not rely on others for her look.  But we think she had fun with her husband in this vlog despite the outcome.

How did their fans react?

“Dreaming of having a relationship like this. Sana all.”

“This is the happiest vlang ever. I was having a bad and tiring day and that part ng pilikmata just made my day. And I think I already know what to watch when I am feeling down. Hahahaha. Thanks to this couple.”

Let’s watch their cute and funny video here:

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