Puregold’s temporary shelter for stray dogs this rainy weather gets lauded by netizens

Image via Patrisha Bagalso | Facebook
  • Patrisha Bagalso posted on Facebook a photo of stray dogs lying comfortably on cardboard outside Puregold Moonwalk
  • The store staff provided this temporary shelter to avoid dogs from being wet on this rainy season
  • Netizens lauded Puregold’s treatment to these stray dogs, hoped more blessings will come to them in return

It had been a rainy weather lately. We are lucky enough to find shelter in our homes to avoid being wet and getting ill. However, have you thought about how stray animals cope up in the recent bad weather?

Image via Patrisha Bagalso | Facebook

Patrisha Bagalso posted a photo on Facebook. It showed several dogs lined up comfortably sleeping on cardboard to prevent them from lying directly on the cold floor outside Puregold Moonwalk in Paranaque City. The store staff possibly provided them cardboard for sleeping. With this, dogs remained dry while rain showers poured that night. 

“Puregold Moonwalk is such an angel to these dogs.  Thank you for keeping them warm in this kind of weather,” she expressed her gratitude. 

Her post reached 31k reactions,  1.7K comments and 21K shares. This is a reflection that a lot of us still think of animals as our family members and deeds like this make us happy. 

Netizens expressed their gratitude too. 

“Thank you for being so kind to these poor fur babies.  I wish all people or shop owners will do exactly the same. I now know which shop I would recommend. Thank you again PUREGOLD MOONWALK. More blessing.”

Image via Patrisha Bagalso | Facebook

Maybe the store used to care for these dogs as one netizen see them often. “Yes super bait po nila sa mga stray dog  Lagi ko po sila nakikita when I visit my brother’s house.  God job po sa inyo.”

“That’s nice PureGold but don’t the doggies still get wet lalo na kung mahangin at malakas ang ulan? Sana they could provide a better shelter for them and provide some food habang nandyan sila.”

The increasing population of stray animals is something we need to address.  We may not have the resources to feed them. But little acts of kindness mean a lot to these furry animals. Let us not forget that their lives depend on us too. 

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