Amazing: More and more honest taxi drivers are found in Baguio

Image via Pixabay
  • Baguio is the home of the most honest taxi drivers
  • Stories of honest taxi drivers returning money and valuables to their passengers are common on social media

Baguio City isn’t just a famous tourist destination but is also becoming well-known for having the most honest taxi drivers in the country.

Paul William returned the cellphone owned by Sofia Wisdom – Image via When in Baguio | Facebook

Stories from people who experienced losing their valuables while having a taxi ride only shows how these drivers do their job with integrity.

One of the most notable stories of honesty was about a passenger named Sofia Wisdom who left her phone inside a taxi with plate number AAB 3571.  She tried calling her phone through her son’s mobile but it just kept ringing.  After two hours, the driver, named Paul William finally answered the phone.  The driver doesn’t know how to operate smartphones; the reason why it took him a while to answer it.  He parked his vehicle near a store and let someone help him answer the phone.

Another cab driver received a full scholarship from an Australian who left his valuables in his car.   The Australian businessman offered him an internship from an Australian company which can give him a starting salary of 1.7 million a year.

A Vietnamese national also thanked a driver who returned his pieces of jewelry worth $4,200.  The driver named Francisco Jeyson received recognition through a resolution passed by councilor Arthur Alad-iw.

More recent stories from December last year includes Rene Aguilba who turned over an iPhone 6s at Bombo Radyo Baguio, Bhong Balisong who found P60,000 and returned it to the owner who is a retired police officer and just recently, Ronald Dumilos who returned a wallet with P23,460 in cash.

Richard Dumilos returning the wallet she found on the street to the owner – Image via Mansakayan Mps | Facebook

According to an article entitled “What do tourists say about taxi drivers in Baguio” by Wow Cordillera, Baguio drivers give you the exact change even if it is below 5 pesos. They also love to talk to their passengers and give recommendations on the best places to go around Baguio. For those who are drunk, they help their passengers arrive at their homes safely.

Kudos to Baguio drivers!