‘Denim painting’: Artist takes art world by storm with detailed masterpieces using layers of old jeans

Images via @ianberry.art | Instagram
  • A talented artist known as “Denimu” has been taking the art world by storm with his amazing, detailed masterpieces using layers of old jeans
  • Ian Berry started making art using denim six or seven years ago
  • His mother asked for his help in clearing out his old room, where he found loads of old jeans and noticed the different colors and shades

Talented artist Ian Berry does not say goodbye to old jeans — he creates masterpieces using them.

Image capture from ianberry.org

Known as “Denimu”, Berry has made a name for himself in the field of art with his unique style; making “paintings” using layers of denim. But before capturing a lot of attention internationally, he was just getting rid of some old stuff from his old room.

“It was about six or seven years ago. My mom was clearing out my old room and she wanted me to go through my things. I found loads of old jeans and denims and I noticed the different colors and shades. I kept hold of them but it was only about 18 months later I began to do something with them,” he shared.

At first glance, many believe that his work are blue toned photographs or indigo coloured oil paintings, his website noted. In fact, even at touching distance, lots of people do not realize that they are looking at many layers and shades of denim jeans.

“To see them up close, you become aware of the depth and texture and see how each small piece of denim has been considered and crafted out of jeans with washes, and fades, which help create that painterly tone,” it was noted.

Eventually, Berry quit his full time job in advertising to focus doing his passion. Soon, he became written about as one of the “top 30 artists under 30” in the world and a Rivet 50 winner.

You just got to see his artworks!

Image capture from ianberry.org