Hilarious: How friends were deleted the old fashion way

Image via Oldtimers | Facebook and u/lazyeye888 | Reddit
  • In the past, people cut other people’s faces in photographs for some reasons
  • That’s probably how they delete friends and family members in their memories
  • A Facebook post by Oldtimers made netizens reflect on how their moms and grandmothers did this

Facebook has revolutionized our social life. Connecting with friends can be as easy as one click using the friend request button, while we can instantly put an end to our relationship with someone through the delete friend option.

Image via Oldtimers | Facebook

But back in the days, when Facebook was not yet a global phenomenon, people have a unique way of ‘removing’ others in their photos. Dumping the whole photograph in the trash bin may make you regret later cause you will be losing your own memorabilia too. Instead, people cut through other people’s faces, scratch them out, make fun of their faces by adding horns, glasses or beards or simply by putting an x mark on their faces.

Oldtimers Facebook community showed how it was done in a vintage photo. A hole right through a person’s entire face was cut through in a photo of 3 people. Isn’t that funny?

But what can make someone do such a thing out of these precious photographs? Netizens shared their reasons.

“I’ve got a few of these photos when my marriage was over.”

“This is how my mother in law still does it, exes get chopped out of family photos. ”

Image via u/lazyeye888 | Reddit

“My mother hated every picture of herself so I have lots of photos with her face cut out.”

“I did that with my older sister when we were kids. Guess I was mad at her.”

These feelings could simply ruin those memorable images. Unfortunately, one can not bring back the faces that have been cut out. We are luckier today that we can crop people out of the photos and have the option to keep the original softcopy. And on Facebook, we can unblock or make a friend request again.

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