How far would you go to help a friend in need? This story is something to reflect on

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  • A story on Facebook helps us understand what true friendship means
  • A man needs money for his sick mother and he thought his friend had forsaken him
  • His friend helped him in a way he did not expect

How far would you stretch your arms for a friend in need? This story will help us reflect on what true friendship means.

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Edward Johnson posted a tale on Facebook which made everyone realize what true friends mean to us.

According to his story, a man called his friend because he needs money for his sick mother. His friend replied, “Okay, my dear friend, call me at night.”

He did what he was told but he could not get through his phone. It was turned off. He got dismayed for not being answered. He felt his friend had let him down. He tried his luck with others but he failed to get the help he needed.

When he returned to his house, feeling so sad, he was surprised to see a bag of medicines next to his sleeping mother.

It was his brother who told him, “Your friend came and picked up the recipes and brought those medicines. He left a while ago.”

He immediately searched for his friend. When he found him, his friend said, “Friend, I sold the phone and bought the medicines for your mother.” Now, that is true and deep friendship.

A real friend will be there with you through ups and downs. Your worries are his worries too so he helps even beyond expectation. Even if he has nothing, he will sacrifice what he has to lend a hand. So let us not also be quick in judging someone. He may be too busy searching for solutions for us.

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In today’s time, true friends are hard to find. Relationships are rarely deep and are mostly superficial. So when you got one dear pal, hold on to that precious buddy. We don’t need a lot of friends. Just a few real ones is enough to make us feel loved and important. And it would be better if we are that kind of friend, too.

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