It’s confirmed! Heechul of Super Junior and Momo of Twice are in a relationship

Image via Kimheenim | Instagram
  • Heechul of Super Junior and Momo of Twice are now dating
  • Their agencies just confirmed it on January 2
  • The couple’s 13-year-age gap stirred up fans

The first K-pop couple in 2020 has just been revealed!

Image via Seoulmate | Twitter

Heechul, 36 of Boy band Super Junior and Momo, 23 of girl group Twice are now dating. A story from Market News has long stated that the two were in a relationship since August but agencies of the stars denied they were together at that time.

The news outlet wrote that the two found love with each other despite their hectic schedules. They got acquainted in 2017 after both appeared together in a program. Their relationship started as junior sunbae-hoobae (older-younger colleague) friendship which later blossomed into a romantic relationship.

On January 2, Heechul’s agency Label SJ and Momo’s agency JYP Entertainment finally announced that they are together.

Fans dug into some of Heechul’s posts on Instagram and found one video where they speculated that the two were actually holding each other’s hands before greeting their fans. This post is dated 60 weeks old.

Image via Kimheenim | Instagram

“Oh God! I just noticed that they’re holding hands. Congratulations! I’m so happy for you both!”

While others are making an issue out of their 13-year age gap, some are willing to support the couple no matter what.

“Richard Gutierrez and Sarah Lahbati’s relationship had a huge age gap. Same as Derek and Andrea Torres and Julia Montes and Coco Martin. You all are celebrating these couples and the age gap but not Heechul and Momo’s?” a netizen with a Twitter handle Em posted.

Heechul debuted as part of the Super Junior in 2005. Unfortunately, in 2006, he got involved in a car accident that fractured his left leg. Due to limitations in performing difficult dance moves, he focused on being a singer and rapper only in the group.

On the other hand, Momo Hirai is a Japanese singer and dancer based in Korea. Their girl group Twice debuted in 2015. She is well known for being a great dancer and is being dubbed as a “dance machine”.