Story of survival: Dog swims to safety towards animal rescue group at Taal Lake

Image capture of video by ABS CBN via Facebook
  • While the MMDA K9 Corps was on a rescue operation, a dog was spotted swimming in Taal Lake
  • It swam towards them and was brought to the boat by rescuers and right away given attention

Stories of survival and heroism fill our news feeds as Taal Volcano’s unrest forced residents in affected areas to flee immediately.

Image capture of video by ABS CBN via Facebook

After the unexpected initial signs of an impending eruption, some pets and farm animals were left behind as residents rushed to save themselves and their families.

A number of pet dogs, some even still tied to their cages –  were left behind. Luckily, rescue groups and animal lovers quickly took action to seek for these pets and bring them to safety.

One video of survival shared by ABS CBN will truly capture your heart. In the clip, the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) K9 Corps was on a mission early this week to save animals left behind. The team, riding on a boat, spotted a dog swimming in the waters of Taal Lake.

A woman called the dog and it seemed to understand that help was coming. Without any hesitation, the dog swam towards the boat where it was pulled out of the water immediately.

Image capture of video by ABS CBN via Facebook

“Naku, pagod ka na! Pakalmahin natin,” rescuers said as they settled the dog on their boat. One woman put water on her palm and the animal quenched its thirst while wagging its tail happily.

It’s not clear how or why the fur animal was in the waters but one netizen thought it wanted to get away from the danger, too.

“Napakatalino at brave ni doggie. Nakita niya malamang sa malayo at narinig ang bangka ninyo kaya pinilit niyang lumangoy talaga papalapit sa inyo. Sanay ‘yan sa bangka. May buhay din sila. Isa silang modelo na nagpapakitang lumalaban din sila sa hamon ng buhay.”

The MMDA K9 Corps was lauded by the netizens. The team is just among the many rescue groups who exerted their efforts to locate animals left behind in the evacuation.

Watch the brave doggie’s video here.

Click the photo to watch the video by ABS CBN via Facebook
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