This is cool: Women draw paw prints on pedestrian lane to give awareness that animals cross the street too

Image via We are Humanity | Facebook
  • A pedestrian lane or pedestrian crossing is where people go to safely cross the street
  • But animals pass by too which endanger their lives sometimes
  • A group of women wanted to give awareness to motorists by painting paws on the pedestrian lane

Pedestrian lanes are intended for people crossing the streets for them to be seen by motorists and are given way to cross safely.  Generally speaking, pedestrian lanes are for humans. But some of our smart furry animals pass through this lane too! So how can we notify motorists that there are also animals whose lives are equally important as ours?

This could be the answer.

Image via We are Humanity | Facebook

In a Facebook post by We are Humanity, a photo revealed a group of women painting a pedestrian lane with yellow lines; making extra effort by including some paw prints in the design.

The caption says, “They are also important.  Respect their lives.”

How cool that was!  This may warn motorists that not only people walk on the street but some animals too.  Netizens appreciated this thoughtful move.

One netizen said, “This can create awareness to humans that animals can be crossing anywhere on the road, not particularly at that crossing.”

Someone suggested though that those animals should be kept off the streets for their safety.

“Respect their lives by building bridges and fences to keep them away from traffic roads!” He has a point too especially if the road is a superhighway where cars run at top speed.

Yet some are still skeptical. “How would an animal know to cross the road over this yellow line?”

The photo is worth sharing.  It has reached 11k reactions and 8.5K shares as of posting.

Image via Pixabay

All around the world, people have started to become creative and innovative on pedestrian lane designs. Some added different colors like red, yellow, black and blue to make it more prominent or give it a 3D look.  Others looked like giant piano keys on the streets while a few wrote texts, drew footprints, fishes or even a famous fast-food chain logo.

Yet all of these have the same purpose and that is to give way to people crossing.

What do you think of that design? Could that make a difference?