For the love of his sister, supportive brother creates a stunning gown for her JS Prom

Image via Maverick Francisco Oyao | Facebook
  • Maverick’s sister is joining this year’s JS prom
  • The supportive brother decided to make a gown rather than rent to save on expenses
  • The outcome was stunning and netizens can’t get over it

An ordinary student turns into a “professional designer” for the love of his sister.

Image via Maverick Francisco Oyao | Facebook

Maverick Francisco Oyao recently learned that his sister will be joining the Junior and Senior Prom this February.  The winter ball theme calls for a ball gown attire for the girls. Thinking how expensive renting a gown could be, he was a little hesitant to let his sister join.  But she insisted since it’s her last chance to participate in the event.

He felt pity for her. This made him think — what if they make a gown instead and maybe they can save on it.  But he still doubted himself since he knew it would be difficult.  After a few days, his sister made up her mind to join so that’s when he felt determined to start his mission.

Image via Maverick Francisco Oyao | Facebook

Maverick searched on Google and YouTube to look for inspiration on his design like Michael Cinco’s spring and summer collection. With the help of their mother, he exerted his effort, time and dedication; even going through sleepless nights over the details.  And when everything was done, the outcome was far beyond his expectation.  He was so proud of himself and his masterpiece.  And of course, the lucky sister paraded his creation in elegance.

The gown in royal blue is in satin material with a criss-cross design on the skirt using a white satin ribbon.  Mini flowers and beads were added to the design on the skirt. He painted the bodice in ombre color and paired it with fin-like sleeves giving it a majestic look.

He posted his story on Facebook and netizens were stunned to see his gown. Everyone gushed over the photos — on how each detail was made. His post made it to 60K reactions, 3.3K comments and over 53K shares.

Image via Maverick Francisco Oyao | Facebook

Maverick was so happy with the outcome. His support and love for his sister fueled him to achieve something from his skills.

“Hinding-hindi ako magsasawa na suportahan ka. Promise ni kuya mo ‘yan sa’yo,” he said on his post.

We are looking forward to more of your creations, Maverick!

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