Homeless man’s wish of going home with his dog gets granted with the help of concerned student and animal rescue group

Image via Angelo Despi | Facebook and PAWSsion Project | Facebook
  • A homeless man in Bacolod caught the attention of a student  who helped him go back to his hometown with his dog
  • He posted the man’s story on Facebook which raised funds for his travel
  • PAWSsion project also offered him to work in their shelter

A homeless man named Manong Rosendo delos Santos also known as Mang Jojo was fortunate to receive help from a student and an animal rescue group. Here is his story.

Image via Angelo Despi | Facebook

Manong is from Novaliches who transferred to Bacolod for work. He used to earn a living at a carnival and his income was based on their sales.  Last year, he found Blackie, a stray dog he now considers his family.  Unfortunately, the people at the carnival left which made him homeless and jobless.  Students often see him along the street in La Salle.

Fortunately, a student named Angelo Despi on Facebook took the courage to post his story and raise funds so that he can go home to his family in Manila together with his furry friend.  Many answered the call and manong’s wish of seeing his family after so many years became a reality.  His dog was cleared by a vet and traveled with him on February 15.

Image via PAWSsion Project | Facebook

PAWSsion Project, the same rescue group who adopted another homeless man, Mang Jun, also came to help.  Seeing his love for animals, they are looking into offering him a job in their shelter in Bulacan. And you will be surprised to know his response.

“Can I go to mass on Sundays if I work there?” he asked.   It only showed how good of a man he is.  Despite his situation,  he remained faithful to God.

The rescue group would appreciate donations for his medical needs as he complains of having a hard time chewing food and is bothered with vision problems too.

We hope to give you updates when Manong Rosendo arrives home to his family.