KISAW 2020: Tricycles in Dumaguete become public art galleries

Images via @DgteTourism | Twitter
  • Tricycles in Dumaguete City were turned into public art galleries
  • For the whole month of February, artworks created by Dumaguete visual artists will be displayed on 100 tricycles in the city
  • The project is part of the KISAW 2020 (Ani ng Sining, Alab ng Sining) celebration

Celebrating the National Arts Month this February, a total of 100 tricycles in the City of Dumaguete were transformed into public art galleries showcasing the masterpieces of the city’s local visual artists.

Image capture from Twitter

On Twitter, the Dumaguete City Tourism Office shared some photos of the artworks to be displayed. In addition, also posted on the social networking site was an image of a tricycle that features the masterpiece of one of Dumaguete City’s local artists, Hersley Casero, who used pen and ink with digital painting as the medium.

“The Dumaguete tricycle becomes a public art gallery starting February 1! For the whole month of February participating Dumaguete visual artists will display prints of their favorite personal artworks to be displayed on 100 of our city’s primary transport–the tricycle,” read the caption of the photos uploaded by the city’s tourism office.

According to the tourism office, the project intends to support the local visual arts community by encouraging the public to appreciate their masterpieces.

“This allows for more people to appreciate the local visual arts community. Open to the commuting public for free (of course)! This event is part of KISAW, the annual National Arts Month celebration of Dumaguete City,” it tweeted, adding the hashtags #Kisaw2020, #NAMDumaguete, #NationalArtsMonth, #AniNgSining, #DumagueteArts, #DumagueteCulture, and #DumaGetMe.

Image capture from Twitter

Aside from the aforementioned project, a number of programs are also scheduled for the celebration of the National Arts Month. According to the city’s website, “A team of performing artists will grace various high schools in Dumaguete City to regale our young students with interactive stories, songs, dances, and skits about Dumaguete.”