Look: Netizens post their photos for the #LizaSoberanoNoseChallenge

Image via Jonabelle Arididon Reyes | Facebook
  • The #LizaSoberanoNoseChallenge is the latest buzz on the internet that  originally started as a photo challenge among beauty product distributors
  • In this challenge, you need to copy Liza’s pose of  her head tilted upwards with eyes closed to reveal the shape of her nose
  • This reveals the different unique shape the Filipino nose has

Netizens these days take part in online challenges to join the trend or simply just for fun. From the famous Tala Dance Challenge, 10-year flashback challenge to the frightening Momo Challenge, it only shows that people are just becoming fearless these days.

Image via Kapamilya Online World | Facebook

And what’s the latest?

Netizens have been participating in the Liza Soberano nose challenge!

It is as simple as mimicking Liza’s pose taken from her tv series “Make it With You”. She tilted her head up with eyes closed which showcased her beautifully shaped narrow nose. Of course, the Filipino-American actress maintains her beauty in whatever angle is taken of her. She looks like a modern sleeping beauty waiting for her prince.

Jonabelle Arididon Reyes started the  challenge on Facebook. She is a seller of beauty products and the challenge was supposedly a game for the distributors with prizes awaiting the winners.

In her own photo she talked about how unfair  the world is because her nose is different and the holes are not even equal in size. The post with the other entries gained a lot of social media attention. The album has reached 4.4k reactions and 18k shares as of posting. And as you read through the captions, it will definitely make your day.

Soon after, more and more netizens participated in the challenge.

Image via Jonabelle Arididon Reyes | Facebook

Liza is half American which obviously is the reason why she has a pointed nose. But at least we Filipinos are not ashamed to show what we got despite how our noses look compared to hers.  Jonabelle is still thankful. “These are different noses shaped by God. Thank you, Lord,” she said in her post.

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Facebook, ABS CBN