Pinay babysitter teaches two foreign kids how to speak in Filipino

Image capture of video by GMA News via YouTube
  • A Pinay babysitter taught two foreign kids how to say the numbers in Filipino
  • The video went viral and was featured on Unang Balita of GMA
  • Netizens have mixed reactions on teaching foreign kids other languages

A Pinay babysitter catches attention on the internet for teaching her foreign employer’s kids how to speak in Filipino.

In a report by Unang Balita of GMA, Jobel Bautista appeared in a video with two young kids and they were speaking numbers in Filipino.  While eating, the nanny also teaches them names of some Filipino dishes like “adobo”.  How cute is that!

Image capture of video by GMA News via YouTube

The kids seem very happy to have learned a new language.  It is also evident in the video that Jobel and the kids have a good relationship.

Netizens who happen to watch the news have varied reactions though. Some find the kids cute because they are English-speaking and that they have said those words with confidence.  However, teaching your client’s kids other languages aside from their own is not a good idea for some online users.  One netizen shared a story.

“Buti naman kung hindi siya pinagalitan ng parent ng mga bata.  May tita kasi ako noon.  Well, sa HK nangyari.  Tinuruan niya alaga niyang magsalita ng Tagalog.  Nalaman ng nanay ng bata.  Nagalit. Pinagalitan ang tita ko.  Good intention but not good to the mother of the child.”

Image capture of video by GMA News via YouTube

Though it may be a good idea to teach them a few words from other languages, it is imperative for babysitters to ask permission from their employer first.  Some may not want you to cross the line or become too attached to their kids.  Others are more open-minded though and consider you a family member and foreign words are added knowledge for them.

Pinay babysitters are one of the most in-demand in the world.  They are known to be warm, loving, compassionate and usually treat their employers’ kids as their own.  And the story of yaya Jobel is one proof.

Here is the video shared by Unang Balita via YouTube.