Romantic vacations can save relationships – Survey

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  • A survey conducted among Americans found that going on a vacation with their partner helped save their relationship
  • They said they experienced romance more when they were on a trip than they do on a regular day
  • Some also expect that their partner is going to propose when they are on a vacation

Is your relationship with your partner going through some rough patches?

Maybe you two need to take a breather by pushing through with that long overdue plan to go to your dream destination. A survey conducted recently found that going to a romantic getaway with your loved one can help save your relationship.

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In a survey done by OnePoll in partnership with Apple Vacations, they found that three out of five Americans say that going on a vacation saved their relationship.

The poll done among 2,000 adults also showed that 61 percent went on a trip in order to reignite the flame of their romance. Six out of 10 said they experienced more romance during their getaway compared to their usual routine.

Respondents also revealed that they would typically go on three romantic vacations with their special someone in one year.

The reasons they cited were to spend quality time with their partner (72 percent); experience something new with their partner (72 percent); see a part of the world they have never seen before (66 percent); to go on an adventure (63 percent); and to reignite their romance (61 percent).

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Asked what their love language is, 48 percent said giving compliments, 47 percent said showering with affection, 43 percent said holding the door for the significant other, and 42 percent said buying gifts.

They also found that 41 percent expect that their partner will propose during a getaway. Of those who suspected their partner will pop the question, four out of five were confirmed. Aside from getting engaged, 32 percent said they eloped while on a vacation.

When did you last go on a vacation with your loved one?