Single mom shares heartwarming graduation photo with son

Image via Instagram | Soncya Williams
  • A single mom who graduated recently became an inspiration when she shared a photo with her son on Instagram
  • Soncya Williams admitted having a hard time accepting the judgments she would receive because of having a child out of wedlock
  • But now, she has fully embraced motherhood and is proud to share the milestone with her son

A single mom warmed the hearts of social media users when she shared her graduation photo with her son.

Image via Instagram | Soncya Williams

In the photo Soncya Williams posted on Instagram, her son can be seen hugging her while holding out a paper that says “She did it for me!”

Williams said her graduation made her recount the struggles she faced as a woman who had a child out of wedlock.

“My child, it is because of your presence that God blessed me with this vision. I type this with tears in my eyes because at one point, out of fear, I questioned keeping you. Once you were born, I questioned how other people would view me having a child out of wedlock,” she shared.

She also admitted hiding her son so she won’t lose potential friendships and relationships.

Image via Instagram | Soncya Williams

“As a single parent even to this day, I question if your presence is a part of what keeps me single. In the past, I have been guilty of hiding you because I thought I’d lose friendships and potential relationships because ‘Men’ DON’T want to date women with a child,” Williams added.

But now, she has come to fully embrace motherhood; saying that as mother and son, they come as a package deal.

“Any relationship or friendship I have that does not embrace me AND you is a relationship I do not need. It took mommy a while to learn that,” she said. “I would not be the woman I am today without you.”

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