What advice would you give your younger working self?

Image via Twitter | Amy Nelson
  • A CEO who asked what working women would like to say to their younger self started an insightful thread on Twitter
  • It has received responses from women from all ages and industries
  • In the end, the she concluded that all the experiences one gains at work leaves her life lessons

A tweet asking what working women would like to say to their younger self has started a thread of insightful response on Twitter.

Image via Twitter | Amy Nelson

Amy Nelson, CEO of Riveter, asked, “To my working women friends: If you could give your younger working self any advice, what would you say?”

As of posting it has gained almost 2k retweets, 7k likes, and countless of eye-opening responses.

Microsoft’s Dona Sarkar said she would tell her younger self not to put her entire self on the hands of “one person a.k.a. your boss.”

“Build relationships with people all over your company and most importantly, in other companies and industries so your network becomes your superpower. Also, build an external personal brand,” she added.

Angela Gillette, meanwhile, said her advice would be to always counteroffer and fight for more pay when being hired. “Because I have been hiring manager and watched great female candidates take our first lowball offer, while average-ish men always haggle thru at least two rounds of offers and counteroffers,” she responded.

Faye Penn, meanwhile, highlighted the importance of taking side projects and hobbies that can feed you.

Image via Twitter | Amy Nelson

Kayla, on the other hand, said she would remind her younger self to take sick and vacation days. “Take the personal time. It is all yours and you are not earning brownie points by not taking them,” she tweeted.

For her part, writer Gennifer Hutchison said “‘Loyalty’ is a word they use to keep you in your place.”

After receiving overwhelming response, Nelson shared what she learned. “The simple truth is that over the course of our lifetimes, we live many shared experiences at work. And we walk away with many of the same lessons,” she said.

What would you tell your younger self if you were given the chance?