You can now send and receive kind messages through this texting switchboard

Image via Text for Humanity
  • A texting switchboard has been launched so that strangers can send and receive kind messages
  • The people behind this said they made this because even when mobile phones are used to connect people, they still tend to feel l0nely
  • More than 30,000 messages have been sent through Text for Humanity as of posting

Even when people can now connect with and talk to their friends and family any time of the day with the help of technology, some still tend to feel lonely.

Image via Text for Humanity

This is the pr0blem that a newly-launched texting platform aims to address. Sinch, in partnership with Mental Health America, introduced Text for Humanity.

“Today, nothing is as personal and emotional to us as our phones. But although we use them 24/7 to communicate, we seem to feel l0nelier, not happier. At Sinch, we believe mobile communication is the solution, not the pr0blem. So what if people could start to get unconditional love from the phones we love unconditionally?” Sinch CMO Jonathan Bean told Good News Network.

Text for Humanity allows people to send and receive kind messages. In order to send one, just text JOIN and send to (+1) 833 421-4726 and follow the steps provided. They will then be given a chance to compose a message of up to 160 characters, which will be sent to a stranger. The sender, in return, will also receive a message from another random person.

Image via Text for Humanity

Good News Network said a user can send and receive up to five messages daily. As of posting, 33,819 messages have been sent, according to Text for Humanity’s website, and the number is fast rising!

“We know there is a lot of negativity online these days—and by taking a minute to deliver a simple, positive message to someone who may need it, each of us can help brighten someone’s day and lift up their overall mental well-being,” Good News Network quoted Mental Health America CEO and president Paul Gionfriddo as saying.