Health workers of St. Jude Hospital find ways to address lack of PPEs, end up using ordinary plastic bags

Image via Tes Despano | Facebook
  • Frontliners in a hospital in Los Baños, Laguna are running out of personal protective equipment
  • They used ordinary plastic bags to cover themselves and also asked for donations from the public
  • Netizens worry over their safety but also praised them for being resourceful

The Philippines lack PPEs (personal protective equipment). That is why our hospitals have been asking for donations from our citizens cause yes, the government may be providing yet that is still not enough.

Image via Tes Depano | Facebook

While help is still coming, many health workers made their own gears rather than not having at all. Some made DIY face shield from office supplies and grocery items.

For health workers in St. Jude Hospital in Los Banos, nothing can stop them from performing their duties even without the ideal gears. In the meantime, not to disrupt their work, they made use of plastic bags of different sizes and colors just to cover themselves.

Tes Depano shared some photos on Facebook. Two health workers are all wrapped in large plastic bags. They covered their heads with yellow sando bags and made holes for their eyes. At one glance, they don’t look like they work in a hospital but this is the sad reality over the lack of medical supplies.

Just like what other public hospitals are doing, she also pleaded to netizens for donations on personal protective equipment.

Image via Tes Despano | Facebook

Netizens expressed how they felt about the photos.

“Salute to you! Even if you look funny and not comfortable, you still managed to do your job. Prayers for your safety.”

“Oh my! The government must protect the frontline workers. Without them, no one will look after sick people.”

‘“It isn’t stupid if it works. It is funny but at the same time makes us happy for being resourceful.”

Image via Tes Depano | Facebookxr

Across the globe, the demand for these supplies is insanely high. Let us not hoard but instead share our masks to those who need them the most, our frontliners and the sick people.

To date, a number of our medical workers contracted the disease. And a few were not able to recover. Let us all listen to their request.

Stay at home.

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