Ilocos Norte State U develops ‘nipahol,’ an alternative to alcohol

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  • A state university in Ilocos Norte came up with an innovation that will provide frontliners with highly-needed alcohol
  • Nipa sap is distilled to produce a 70 percent ethyl alcohol
  • Aside from this, they’re also converting molasses into alcohol

A state university in Batac, Ilocos Norte has innovated an alternative to alcohol and sanitizers, which are now out of stock in almost every market in the country.

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Nipahol makes use of nipa saps distilled into 70 percent ethyl alcohol. It was developed at the National Bioenergy Research and Innovation at the Mariano Marcos State University (MMSU).

MMSU President Shirley Agrupis and Ilocos Norte Gov. Matthew Manotoc have led the distribution of the initial 20 liters of nipahol to 21 local government units and 30 churches in the province.

These, they said, will be given out to frontliners to help keep them protected from the COVID-19 pandemic. “We may not supply the alcohol needs of all sectors in the province, but at least this development effort will augment the dwindling supply of the product,” Agrupis said.

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They have also tapped the use of molasses in alcohol production. Through their “Asukal Mo, Alcohol Mo” program, they are encouraging LGUs to give them molasses they can convert into the highly-demanded alcohol.

“In this partnership, when the LGUs supply us with molasses for the production of ethanol, we can also teach them to produce the product using our technology,” she said, referring to their fully electric distiller powered by Hybrid Solar Technology which can turn sugar into ethanol.

She said that this distiller “can process 150 liters of fermented sugar solution and can produce 12 liters of 95 percent ethanol within four to six hours of operation. The 95 percent ethanol will undergo blending to produce a 70 percent concentration of alcohol.”

Way to go!!

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