‘Irresponsible and reckless:’ Makati Med says Pimentel’s action might deplete already dwindling workforce

Imahe via Facebook | MMC and Instagram | Koko Pimentel
  • The Makati Medical Center (MMC) has denounced Sen. Koko Pimentel’s violation of his home quarantine protocol
  • Pimentel accompanied his wife, who was about to give birth, to the h0spital
  • MMC said that his action might further reduce the already dwindling number of staff in the h0spital

The Makati Medical Center (MMC) has issued a statement denouncing Sen. Koko Pimentel’s violation of his home quarantine protocol when he accompanied his wife to the h0spital’s Delivery Room Complex.

Image via Instagram | Koko Pimentel

Because of his action, MMC said their strict infecti0n and containment protocols were breached by Pimentel.

“As a result, a number of our nurses and doctors may need to be quarantined which will further deplete the dwindling workforce of the h0spital,” they said in a statement signed by MMC’s Medical Director Dr. Saturnino Javier.

“We denounce the irresponsible and reckless action of the senator. He added to the burden of a h0spital trying to respond in its most competent and aggressive manner to cope with the daunting challenges if this COVID-19 outbreak,” they added.

They also called Pimentel’s call for everyone to observe preventive measures against COVID-19 “empty rhetoric.”

“By his actions, he contributed no solution. In fact, he created another problem for Makati Medical Center, the very institution which embraced his wife for obstetric care,” the statement added.

Meanwhile, they assured the public that the MMC Delivery Room Complex has already been decontaminated and disinfected and is now ready to be used. Healthcare workers have been identified, evaluated, and will undergo quarantine if the “risk of exposure warrants it.”

Image via Facebook | MMC

“We fervently pray that none of our healthcare staff will acquire the viral infection. As we make this wish, we plead and urge everyone to do his share in quelling the spread of this infection — especially our nation’s duly-elected leaders,” they ended.

Sen. Pimentel admitted on Wednesday that he tested positive for COVID-19. He said that he received the news from RITM Tuesday night while he was in the h0spital to accompany his wife who was supposed to give birth on Wednesday.

He is the second senator to test positive for the virus. Sen. Juan Miguel Zubiri also contracted COVID-19.

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