Iza Calzado hospitalized for pneumonia, waiting for results of COVID-19 test

Images via Iza Calzado | Instagram
  • Iza Calzado is currently in hospital for pneumonia; waiting for results of her COVID-19 test
  • On Instagram, the actress shared some updates about her condition, admitting that it has been a really challenging time for her
  • The actress also asked her followers to join her as she prays for all the sick people and their loved ones, and the health workers

Revealing that she has been in the hospital after getting diagnosed with pneumonia, actress Iza Calzado updated her followers about her condition at present; noting, as well, that she is currently waiting for the results of her COVID-19 test.

Images via Iza Calzado | Instagram

On Instagram, Iza described what she has been going through as “a really challenging time”; posting a photo of herself wearing a hospital gown and an oxygen mask.

“Hello, everyone. It’s been a while but I thought I’d update you all. I’m currently hospitalized for pneumonia and so, I was tested for COVID-19 and I’ve been waiting for the results for several days now. It’s been a challenging time for me, but it cannot compare to the frontliners who have cared for me and to whom I am so grateful. My heart goes out to everyone in these trying times, especially those who risk their lives every day to care for their loved ones,” she expressed.

She also asked her followers to join her in praying for all the sick people and their loved ones, as well as the health workers who have been risking their lives amid this crisis.

“I am hoping you all can join me in prayer for those who are currently sick and their loved ones, for every person struggling to cope in these tough times. And most especially, for the medical workers who are doing their best despite the hurdles,” she said.

Staying hopeful and optimistic, the actress ended her post saying, “I count this time as an opportunity to be kind. To be a source of love and light. With the grace of God, I can fight this and we all fight this together.”

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