Neighbors block entry of asymptomatic COVID-19 patient advised to self-quarantine

Image via GMA News
  • Neighbors of an asymptomatic COVID-19 positive patient blocked him from entering his apartment, fearing that they might contract the virus
  • Since he had no symptoms, doctors advised him to go home and observe self quarantine while recovering
  • In the end, the parents of the patient decided to just bring him to a private h0spital

An asymptomatic COVID-19 positive patient was instructed by doctors to go home and observe self-quarantine while recovering. However his neighbors in Manila, fearing for their health, were not willing to accept him.

Image via GMA News

GMA News said neighbors of the 35-year-old man put up barricades so that the ambulance that was supposed to bring him and his PUI roommate to the apartment won’t be able to pass.

“Hindi ‘yan taga rito, nangungupahan lang ‘yan dito. Dapat diyan kunin ng magulang sa bahay nila,” one resident said.

His parents, who are both senior citizens, explained they cannot take him home because they and the patient’s child will be at risk. The frustrated father could not help but cry.

“Kulang na lang ho ay pagtulungan kami ng tao rito. Hinihiling ko sa Kapitan na humarap pero bakit ayaw humarap?” he told GMA News.

Image via GMA News

People only moved the barricade they built when Manila City councilor Macario Lacson arrived to explain the situation.

“Papapasukin natin kasi ‘yan naman ang protocol sa DOH. Asymptomatic naman sila. It so happened lang na ‘yong patient before was not cooperative so ‘yong mga tao, justified naman ‘yong pag-aalala nila,” Lacson said.

DOH Memorandum 2020-0108 says that “persons under investigation (PUIs) and positive COVID-19 patients who exhibit mild symptoms with no co-morbidities and non-elderly are advised to be sent home for strict self-isolation and close monitoring by local health authorities.”

In the end, the patient’s parents decided to bring him and his roommate to a private h0spital.

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