Netizen shares the most beautiful thing she saw this quarantine period : ‘It deserves to be shared’

Image via Margali Lopez Herrera | Facebook
  • The lockdown happening in most countries have closed some businesses and quarantined residents in their houses where stray animals depend on
  • A netizen shared heartwarming photos of how some concerned citizens give food to stray dogs through plastic bottles tied to a post

Many countries are on lockdown.  It is quite disheartening that the majority of our activities are put on hold as we stop  COVID-19 from spreading even further.

Image via Bajek Rae | Facebook

The majority of businesses have closed. Many employees have returned to their hometowns to hibernate.

Who are left on the streets? The stray animals  These are the dogs and cats who rely on the leftovers dumped by fast-food chains, cafeterias, or restaurants.

Where have all the humans gone? They have no idea what is happening as people prioritize their safety. But good thing there are still good samaritans out there ready to take care of these poor souls.

One netizen from Peru shared photos on Facebook that will surely put a smile on your face.

Magali Lopez Herrera said in her post, “We’re quarantined, but this was the most beautiful thing I saw today, and it deserves to be shared.”

On her photos, we see a plastic bottle cut on the side and tied to a post.  The container was filled with dog food. Another one beside it contains water. A hungry stray dog is seen near it ready to take its meal for the day.

Image via Margali Lopez Herrera | Facebook

It is not clear who initiated this project, but it only shows that some humans have not forgotten their role on animals. With her post going viral, hopefully, it had created awareness around the world that animals may become neglected because of the lockdown.

In the Philippines, we fear the same. That is why one of our animal rescue groups PAWSsion Project encourages citizens to please give something if we happen to see stray animals on the street.

Hopefully, we can respond to their call in our own simple ways.

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